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CML Collective (CMLC) is contracted by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) to help community organizations, Local Health Departments, Schools, and other groups develop advertisements

to promote COVID-19-related activities and communications in Kansas.

This service is being provided at no cost to organizations.

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available by request

  • Physical (posters, flyers, etc.)

  • Digital (social media feed posts, cover images, etc.) advertisements for your event.

Before submitting your request, please have the following information prepared:

  • Contact information

  • Event name, date, location, and description

  • Type of event (testing, vaccine, or both)

  • Date materials are needed

  • If printing is requested: shipping address and contact information, print quantities

Please also be prepared with your selections from the approved design options:

Printing services are available for free, and printed materials can be shipped directly to groups in need.  

design options

CMLC has created several pre-approved layouts, color options, and KDHE-approved messages to choose from for quick design

and production of your desired materials.  

You can review the options below. 


Please select filenames to see layouts provided for illustration purposes only.




CMLC can only provide support for certain types of events and with pre-set types of materials:

  • CMLC’s support may only be used for COVID-19 vaccination or testing events in Kansas.

  • Materials may only use pre-approved KDHE Language (or submit alternate language for approval).

  • Materials may only use pre-developed templates found (here - Document PDF).

Logistical Considerations

When submitting a request, please note:

  • CMLC will only support up to 3 rounds of drafting and editing of materials per request.

  • Design requests should be submitted with at least two weeks' notice for digital-only requests.  Please note that printed materials will require additional lead time, so please submit requests with enough time to develop, print, ship, and distribute materials ahead of your event.  We recommend requesting at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

  • CMLC will do its best to accommodate requests submitted with shorter timelines.

  • Each request is limited to the creation of 3 types of materials found (here - Document PDF).

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